Rolf Andersson

Rolf Andersson
CFO/Financial Manager


57 years
Married, lives in Falun Experience

CFO, Finacial Manager, deputy MD, Remote Control/Rotork
Chartered Accountant, Öhrlings
2012 – 2016
1995 – 2012
1984 – 1995

Master Business Administration, Stockholm University, 1983
Internal training programme Öhrlings Price Waterhouse
Personal efficiency, IBT
Managing changes / Continous improvements
Excel 2013
Spoken english for industry and commerce, 4th level

Personal presentation and description of previous employments

In my work I`m calm, analytical, try to keep things simple, strive to create efficient routines and deliver on time. I want my coworkers to feel appreciation and motivation to develop. Last but not least I think it is important to have a laugh together every now and then.

Öhrlings Price Waterhouse
After I had finished the studies at the University I started to work as assistant accountant and in 1989 I became a chartered accountant. During the years at Öhrlings I worked with a lot of different businesses and the clients included the whole range from one man companies to public listed companies. I also had a number of assignments where I on a consulting basis served as financial manager. In my role as chartered accountant I also served for some time as group manager in a group of eight people.

Remote Control Sweden / Rotork Sweden
One of my clients at Öhrlings, a family owned business in the third generation. The business is development, manufacturing and marketing of actuators & accessories for the process industry. My initial mission as financial manager was to ”lift up” admin department, routines, analyzes, reports etc. to a more professional level. After a number of years my role changed a little bit and I became more involved in the daily business process. I participated in discussions and meetings with customers, suppliers, strategy discussions and worked a lot with the subsidiaries who were located in Singapore, Germany, UK and USA. I worked in close cooperation with the CEO and it was a very exciting time. Our work was successful and the sales and profitability increased significantly.

Remote was sold in 2008 to a competitor, Rotork, a UK based company listed in the London stock exchange. A big part of my work after the acquisition was spent on the reporting that was done to Rotork UK. I also became a member quite quick of the group of financial managers/controllers within Rotork who were doing annual internal audits around the world. Other tasks I found interesting were the various projects I was assigned to by the headquarter such as stock reduction project, education of admin staff in businesses that were acquired, change of legal form of subsidiary in Middle East.
The admin department at Rotork Sweden consisted of four employees.

Owned by Investment AB Latour since 2011 and with the head office in Långshyttan, Dalarna. The business of LSAB is manufacturing and service of cutting tools for customers in the metal industry and wood industry. Annual sales amounts to approx. 435 MSEK and 315 employees are spread on the locations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Russia. I was employed in the parent company where I in close cooperation with the CEO worked with all the companies in the Group.

My responsibilities within LSAB consisted of reporting to Latour meaning weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual reports and also forecasts and budgets. All the reports included consolidated numbers, analyzes and comments based on the report packages produced by eleven companies. Development of routines and analyzes, frequent visits to the subsidiaries, update of strategies and participations in management- and board meetings are other examples of my responsibilities. I also participated in a number of projects where some of the more significant were acquisition and integration of six businesses, implementation of sales analyze tool (Qlick View), reorganization of the admin departments in Sweden and Finland.

I resigned during the spring 2016 and the employment was terminated in the fall when a replacer had been recruited.